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ToneAlly’ is the world’s first percussion teaching

tool which focuses on the vertical movement

of the drum stick.


ToneAlly’ trains your drum stroke to follow the correct trajectory, something that would normally take many years of practice to develop. It is for all who wish to maximise their learning of stick control. Two designs are currently available:

The ‘ToneAllyDesign 1 is a complete unit intended for practising with or without a drum kit. It is totally portable, stands free on a desk or can be clamped to a stand. Apart from enabling you to practise almost anywhere, it is remarkably quiet – the strike pad is specifically engineered to place your stroke at the centre of a standard 14” snare, a position that produces the best ‘Tone’ from the drum. Imagine teaching a class of drummers where the tutor can address the class without raising their voice! The base is shaped so that a group of ‘ToneAllycan be arranged in a circle, so groups of learners can observe and be observed closely. ‘ToneAlly’ is the ideal teaching tool for drummers at any level.


Design 5

The ‘ToneAllyDesign 5, when placed on a drum (or other surface), has a removable strike pad area to allow the tip of the stick to strike the drumhead (or other surface below). So it can be used in “basic mode” exactly like Design 1, but really comes into its own when used on an actual drum with the strike pad removed. The specially shaped removable strike pad allows you to perform normal strokes plus techniques like rim-shots with confidence, the Allysguiding your sticks effortlessly while you focus on rhythm, accuracy and speed. Use the ‘ToneAlly‘wiggle bars’ to work on various stick heights such as grace notes and accents. Perfect for Drum Corp or Pipe Band drummers and percussionists! This is an ideal way to warm up for any drummer.




Product Features


What is noticeable on first appearance is its unique vertical structure, which is wholly unlike the multitude of solely horizontal practice pads which have gone before.  


Each ToneAlly’ has 4 separate ‘Allys’ to accommodate the various ‘hand-grip’ positions:


Matched Grip

Use the outside ‘Allys’ for Germanic grip and the inside ‘Allys’ for American grip. Work on your French grip one hand at a time before working on the strike pad with both. Then utilise the wider space between the ‘Allys’ provided for this purpose.


Traditional Grip

This is for both left-handed and right-handed players alike.  Choose the ‘Allys’ that are best suited and the most comfortable for your preferred grip and get started. With the trajectory of the stick being taken care of by the device, you can practise using the correct muscle groups straight away.  This is something that would normally take many years of practice and study to develop and understand.  


‘ToneAlly’ is a teaching tool for all who wish to maximise their learning of stick control. It promotes efficient stick movement, resulting in less wasted energy, ultimately allowing the player to perform without tension and with greater dynamic control. The neat 80x40mm strike pad enables you to feel and hear every note. The ‘Tone’ changes dramatically if you play off the sweet spot! The size of this gives a clear indication of how accurate the trainer guides you to be.



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